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The Institute is still in its formative stages, and has created no publications of its own as of yet. When we begin publishing, works will be listed here.

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A small sample of works by our director

The following works are a select list of relevant publications written or edited by Dr. David William Voorhees. These and many other works are available in our research room.

“The ‘Fervent Zeale’ of Jacob Leisler,” William and Mary Quarterly, 3rd ser., LI (July 1994), 3: 447-472.

Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Flatbush, Kings County, New York, Volume 1, 1677-1720, translator and editor (New York: Holland Society of New York, 1998).

“‘Fanatiks’ and ‘Fifth Monarchists’: The Milborne Family in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World,” New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 129 (April 1998), 2: 67-75, (July 1998), 3: 174-82.

“In the Republic’s Tradition: Persistence of Dutch Culture in the Mid-Atlantic Colonies after the 1664 English Conquest,” de Halve Maen 74 (Fall 2001), 49-54.

“Jacob Leisler and the Huguenot Network in the English Atlantic World,” From Strangers to Citizens, Integration of Immigrant Communities in Great Britain, Ireland and the Colonies, 1550-1750 (Sussex Academic Press, 2001), 322-331.

“Rotterdam-Manhattan Connections: the influence of Rotterdam thinkers upon New York’s 1689 Leislerian movement,” in Paul van de Laar, Jan van Herwaarden, et al, eds., Rotterdams Jaarboekje 10 (Rotterdam, Neth., 2001), 9: 196-216.

“Tying the Loose Ends Together: Putting New Netherland studies on a par with the study of other regions,” Joyce D. Goodfriend, ed., Revisiting New Netherland: Perspectives on Early Dutch America (Brill, Neth., 2005), 309-328.

“The Pre-Revolutionary Landings of Columbia County,” Columbia County History & Heritage 4 (Spring 2005), 1: 8-10.

Co-editor with Dennis Maika of special New Netherland issue of New York History (Fall 2008).

Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Flatbush, Kings County, New York, Volume 2, Deacons’ Accounts 1654-1709, translator and editor (New York: Holland Society of New York, 2009).

“Family and Faction: The Dutch Roots of Colonial New York’s Factional Politics,” in Martha Dickinson Shattuck, Explorers, Fortunes & Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Albany, NY: Mt. Ida Press, 2009), 129-147.

“The Dutch Legacy in America,” in Roger Panetta, ed., Dutch New York: The Roots of Hudson Valley Culture (Bronx, NY: Fordham University Press, 2009), 411-429.

“All Authority turned upside downe”: the ideological origins of Leislerian political thought,” in Hermann Wellenreuther, ed., The Atlantic World in the later Seventeenth Century. Essays on Jacob Leisler, Trade, and Networks (Goettingen University, 2009), 89-118.

“English Law Through Dutch Eyes: The Leislerian Understanding of the English Legal System in New York,” in Albert M. Rosenblatt and Julia C. Rosenblatt, eds., Opening Statements: Law, Jurisprudence, and the Legacy of Dutch New York (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2013), 207-227.