We currently offer a worktable that can be shared by several researchers at a time, power outlets, and access to our physical materials. Researchers should expect to bring any electronic equipment they need, and should consult with staff before making copies of materials. As we are a small facility, advance notice of your visit and research needs is necessary.


Our Collections


The Leisler Institute currently holds over 1,000 published works relating to the province of New York under British administration from 1664 to the American Revolution.

Genealogical Files

In addition to a comprehensive collection of genealogical materials relating the Leisler family, The Leisler Institute holds over four hundred files, books, and manuscripts relating to New York families and their Atlantic World connections in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


The Leisler Institute currently holds 4,000 photocopies of manuscripts relating to Jacob Leisler and his immediate family dating from 1500 to the American Revolution, as well as materials relating to English colonial New York.


The Leisler Institute contains a number of maps relating to the province of New York and its communities between 1664 and 1773.


The Leisler Institute has a holding of original prints and other artwork relating to New York and East Jersey in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


The Institute is in the process of creating a catalog of its collections. In the meantime, a selection of books, maps, and archival documents, have been briefly described here.